Have amazing ideas but don't know how to put them into action?

We have the skills experience and tools you need to bring your ideas to life! 

Paint with us!

We have two lines of completely family-friendly, safe paints! Try our milk & chalk paints today, or book a one-on-one class!

Find out more!

Looking for antiques?

We have tons of unique antiques! If you are looking for that perfect piece, give us a try!

Full-scale home remodel!

We do everything from flooring to countertops. Let us contract your home remodel for you!

What is Pinspired?

Pinspired is a DIY workshop in Lubbock, Texas. Any project you dream up, we can help you accomplish!

How does it work?

There are three ways Pinspired can help you bring your brilliant crafting, decorating, and designing ideas to life:

Do it yourself!

Have the ideas and the know-how, but not the space or tools? We have everything you need to take your ideas from “someday” to “today”! Come use our fully equipped workshop and tools to  accomplish your goals.

Do it with us!

Have ideas but aren’t sure where to start? Let us help you become a DIY master! We can provide you with the knowledge, supplies and tools for you to accomplish your projects with your own two hands.

Let us do it for you!

Want something unique to give your home a fresh look, but don’t have the time or skills? We will gladly do it for you!

What's going on at Pinspired?

We want to show you not only what we can do, but what YOU can do! Check out what our amazing clients have accomplished with just a little help from us. From furniture upcycling, to decorative concrete installation and home remodels, we help do it all!

Kennedi's Chairs

Kennedi is a college student at ACU! She is remodeling a couple of chairs and end-tables for her new house!

Paul's paintings

Paul is working on something using our milk paint line. We think it looks amazing!

Kimberly's late mothers' day present

Upholstrey is harder than you would think! Kimberly is redoing a chair for her mom using denim & fabric. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!


We taught a client in south Lubbock how to pour her own concrete counters and install a beautiful backsplash!

Find Us

We are located West of Lubbock on 19th street. Come see us!

7402 19th st, Lubbock Tx 79407

(806) 778-6845

Open Wed-Sat 1p-6p